Video Review: The Lost Ways Book Review – Everything You Could Want to Know


Introduction: The Lost Ways Book Review

In this review, we’re taking a closer look at the book “The Lost Ways.” I know I came across this book numerous times in the past and have had some questions. The premise for “The Lost Ways” is that the skills that we’ve learned for generations are slowly being lost. A lot of people are spending their time “prepping” for a lifestyle that people used to comfortably call “normal.”

The Lost Ways book was published specifically to help keep these traditions and skills alive. In the below video, the reviewer seems quite pleased with the book and provides some great insights in a short easy to watch video.

Video Review: The Lost Ways Survival Book

Here is a review from a gentleman that shows proof that he purchased it, the video quality is pretty awful, but he seems to like the book overall.

The Lost Ways Book Overview

If you have a bit more time and you want to get a little more information about the Lost Ways book, then here is an excellent overview of the book and the reasons why it was written. This video is about 30 minutes long:

The Lost Ways FAQ

How much does the Lost Ways cost?

“The Lost Ways” is available in 3 different packages, all for the same price (almost). For the digital download only, it costs $37.00. If you want the print version, it is only $37.00 + $8.99 shipping and handling. If you want both the eBook and the printed edition, then you pay… wait for it… $37.00 + 8.99 shipping and handling.

Is there a discount for the Lost Ways book?

One of the videos mentions getting a discount if you try to leave the page too many times. You can give it a try if you want here:

Is The Lost Ways an eBook or a Printed Book?

It’s both. They have an eBook edition and a printed version.

Is this all information that I can find on the internet for free?

In many ways, this is an unfair question. Pretty much any information product like instructional books will fail this test. The answer is yes, but that’s not what you’re paying for. What you’re paying for is the consistency of information as it comes from one author and it’s all organized into one resource. If you weighed all books against the question “is this information that can be found on the internet?” Then nearly all books would fail. The internet is a big place. That doesn’t mean the information is good or organized though. And you most certainly won’t find it all in the same place.

Does it really cover all of the lost ways of survival?

No. Good luck finding a book that does! The fact is, all cultures and people had their own ways to survive, and it’s not possible to put them all into one book. Things like where people lived affect things greatly. Teepee’s probably weren’t terribly effective in the arctic just as igloos weren’t used near the equator. Does “The Lost Ways” cover many subjects and methods? Absolutely. Does it cover all of the ways of survival? Not by a long shot, and no book ever will.

Is The Lost Ways book a scam or a hoax?

This question I find funny just because I’ve seen it so many times. I’m not quite sure how a book can be a “hoax” but I can assure you it is not. It’s a book. It’s a printed book or a digital file. But it’s no hoax.

Is it a scam? No. It’s a literal book, not a timeshare. Do some people say they were “ripped off”? Yeah, some people just throw that around. The fact of the matter is, people say this for just about anything. Does a scam offer a 60 day money back guarantee? No. They don’t. Scams exist to steal money from people. If you buy this book and don’t like it, then you get your money back. No scam to be found.

Do you make any money if I buy it?

If you use my link, then I do make a small commission. Hopefully me putting this page together has brought you enough value that you’d consider using my link below.

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